Wedding Cake Flavours


Wedding cake flavours

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   Professional Cordon Bleu creator of beautiful and truly delicious cakes… 

Using the freshest, best quality ingredients our moist and mouth-wateringly delicious cakes are filled with buttercream or Belgian chocolate ganache, coated with Belgian chocolate ganache (or marzipan for fruit cake) and sugarpaste, finished to sharp edges and then decorated to your specification.

   Flavour suggestions

  • Victoria Sponge’ with Madagascan vanilla buttercream and preserve – strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant etc
  • ‘Tangy Lemon Cake’ soaked with lemon syrup and  filled with lemon buttercream  (- added  Limoncello optional) .
  • ‘Zesty Orange Cake’ soaked with orange syrup and orange buttercream  (- added Grand Marnier optional).
  • ‘Light Chocolate Cake’ light textured yet deliciously chocolatey, filled with a blend of Belgian chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream.
  • Rich Belgian Chocolate Cake’ with Belgian chocolate ganache.  The ganache can be flavoured with salted caramel, liqueurs (including chocolate liqueur) or fruit e.g. raspberries, orange etc
  • White Belgian chocolate cake’ with white chocolate ganache…can be with fresh raspberry, strawberrypassionfruit etc and be infused with a champagne syrup
  • Chocolate & Orange Cake’ – light chocolate cake with orange zest soaked with orange syrup and filled with rich chocolate orange ganache.
  • ‘Chocolate & Hazelnut Layer Cake‘ filled with chocolate and hazelnut buttercream and layers of Belgian chocolate ganache
  • ‘Moist Almond Cake’ soaked with almond liqueur syrup (optional) and filled with raspberry preserve and almond buttercream
  • ‘Ultimate Carrot & Pecan Cake’ with Madagascan vanilla (orange or lemon) buttercream.
  • Espresso Coffee Cake’ soaked with coffee syrup and coffee liqueur (optional) with coffee buttercream
  • ‘Banana & Chocolate Chip Cake’ with caramel buttercream & caramel drizzle
  • ‘Red Velvet Cake’ – deep-red light chocolate layers with Madagascan vanilla buttercream or Belgian white chocolate ganache (or cream cheese frosting if refrigerating).
  • ‘Moist Coconut Cake’ with coconut buttercream
  • ‘Fresh Lime & Coconut Cake’ filled with coconut and lime buttercream.
  • ‘Caramel Cake’ with caramel buttercream and salted caramel drizzle
  • Spiced Apple Cake’ with caramel-apple buttercream and fresh caramel drizzle.
  • ‘Cookies & Cream Cake’ light chocolate and ‘Oreo’ cake with ‘Oreo’ cookie buttercream.
  • ‘Peach Belini Cake’ moist peach cake with champagne syrup, filled with peach and champagne buttercream.
  • ‘Sticky Ginger Cake’ filled with light ginger buttercream.
  • ‘Chocolate Guinness Cake‘ for Guinness-lovers, filled with a delicious Baileys buttercream
  • Persian Love Cake’ a pistachio, rose and cardamom cake with floral notes of rose water and lemon zest, filled with Madagascan vanilla buttercream decorated with bright green pistachios and rose petals (opt). 
  • ‘Traditional Fruit Cake’ – rich fruit cake infused with sherry, coated in marzipan and sugarpaste.
  • ‘Rich Chocolate Fruit Cake’ infused with chocolate liquor, coated in marzipan and sugarpaste
  • Any others you like!…Elle being a Cordon Bleu chef can create any flavours and combinations for you to try.

Hard to decide?Each tier can be a different flavour created to your requirements.

See testimonials for feedback on our exquisite cake flavours.

To arrange a complimentary cake tasting and consultation please email with your requirements including your wedding date and venue or complete our contact form.